From the field

“The Chaptex cloths and sprays were most helpful in keeping our ballistic eyewear and computers clean and streak-free. Chaptex worked wonderfully under the austere conditions of a desert environment.”

- Captain, U.S. Army

“Take care of yourself and your equipment. That’s the first thing.”

– lieutenant, 101st Airborne Division

“Chaptex was useful to clean night vision goggles, helmet visors, M4 sights, and protective eyewear. The ASF spray & cloth were useful for cleaning laptop computers and cockpit displays before, during & after missions. I will have a Chaptex cleaning kit with me the next time I deploy.”

- Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army Special Operations

“This is one product that guys are clear on. Chaptex is indeed a good product. I think the true value will be in the cost savings accrued by protecting the FBCB2 screens. It appears Chaptex may be one of the rare contractors that did not exaggerate their product. It is a great cleaner for screens and optics...well received by both the unit and the O/Cs.”

RDECOM Science Adviser: Ft. Polk, LA
Joint Readiness Training Center
Muddy Boots Council

Chaptex was fielded by O/Cs to 4-10 during the last rotation and received rave reviews. They are an excellent complement to the FBCB2 system in that they clean the screen without scratching. When asked about the equipment, RTU (Rotating Unit) responded, “Chaptex is fantastic. Where can I get them?”

TF-1, Scout Platoon O/C - C66

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