Military-Grade Microfiber
Made in U.S.A.

Field Proven. DoD Tested. NSN Assigned.

“Take care of yourself and your equipment. That’s the first thing.”

– lieutenant, 101st Airborne Division

M.G.M. Mask

Ultra soft, breathable protection with innovative ear loops for a secure fit.

M.G.M. Cloth

Lint-free, washable and reusable. Removes dust and fingerprints without scratching.

A.S.P. Spray (Anti-Static Protection)

Repels dust and dirt. Use this spray where you want to reduce static, remove fingerprints, oil and more.

A.F.M. Spray (Anti-Fog & Mist)

Helps prevent fogging. Use this spray where you want to reduce fog and mist on visors, scopes, eyewear and more.

Chaptex Products used by

Trusted by the United States military with over 3 million units in use